Case Studies

Ententee has successfully designed, developed and delivered intelligent software solutions. Below, we describe a few examples of innovative products for international clients.

Automated Railway Documentation Generation

The largest railway company in the United States challenged us with a problem: hundreds of complex drawings of track charts have to be created manually in a CAD software every day. Utilizing modern methods in data processing and layouting, we are able to generate the drawings based on the data from relational and GIS sources in a fully automated fashion. As a result, our system provides up-to-date track documentation for the whole railway network of the United States, significantly reduces errors in the documentation and saves thousands of hours of manual labor.

Leading e-health Solution OpenHRE™

Connected health is the most promising area for improving the quality of health care and reducing its costs. As a development partner of an e-health pioneer Browsersoft, we have been engineering Health Record Exchange solutions from early prototypes (e.g. reference implementation of the NHIN standard) to a world-class product OpenHRE™. The platform enables robust, high-performance and secure exchange of millions patient records among divers health care providers. The product has been used by hundreds of hospitals worldwide. It is embedded in the product portfolio of major e-health software vendors and ranked as the top Health Information Exchange in the USA.

Agent-less Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is vital software component for monitoring, diagnosing and resolving problems in mission-critical complex enterprise applications. As a development partner of a Czech start-up, we have started with a novel prototype of agent-less monitoring tool where no installation of agents is required for the target systems. We have re-engineered the prototype into a product – re-implemented the data processing layer, re-designed the user interface and developed an AI based agent-less monitoring algorithm. As a consequence, the product was successfully deployed to the first customers and the startup was sold to a major APM software company.

Virtual Avatars in Retail

In our new challenge, we are developing an innovative game scenario with virtual avatars and novel user interfaces with gesture and touch interfaces. We won’t tell more. Stay tuned, you will experience a new era of fun in shopping across the Europe soon!