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Selected case studies

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Platform

As a healthcare software development lab, we have been pioneering healthcare interoperability in partnership with Lightbeam Health US (previously Browsersoft US), since 2005. Our HIE platform creates one aggregated patient record, containing merged clinical data from a wide range of data sources. Empowering physicians and enabling the robust, high-performance and secure exchange of millions of patient records between different healthcare providers. Ranked among the best HIE platforms, it has been integrated by major ehealth vendors and deployed to hundreds of hospitals globally.

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Healthcare software development company services

Automated Railway Documentation Generation

The largest railway company in the United States challenged us: every day hundreds of complex track chart drawings had to be created in CAD software. Leveraging data processing and layouting methods, we were able to fully automate the system of generating these drawings based on input data from various relational and GIS sources. Our system provides up-to-date track documentation for the whole railway network of the United States, significantly reducing errors in the documentation and saving thousands of hours of manual labor. The intelligent software solution is proudly presented at railway conferences world-wide.

#logistics #AI #processAutomation #bigData

intelligent software solution in logistics

Personalized Shopping with Virtual Avatars

As part of a research project with a major German supermarket chain, we designed “The Store of the Future”, where shoppers were led around the store by a virtual personal assistant (avatar, to demonstrate future retail scenarios. The avatar helped the shopper navigate through the store, providing feedback about products and gave suggestions based on the shopper’s profile to provide an enhanced shopping experience. This intelligent software solution is in use at several trade fairs and conferences.

#innovativeUI #prototyping #retail #avatars #tutoring #VR #virtualGuide

intelligent software solution

Software Development Consulting for Investment Groups (assessing high-tech startups)

We were approached by IMPACT51, a US-Swiss startup investment firm to provide technology assessments of potential investments (startups that IMPACT51 had invested in), and help support these startups with their software challenges. Thanks to our technical expertise, our experience and our software development services, we are a technology partner of real merit for startups. We can assess the software architecture, the development process, the business plan and the quality of the team - providing overall interim management and implementing improvements.

#startups #prototyping #consulting #assessment

Software development consulting

Health Insurance Policy Management System

We designed and developed an enterprise application which significantly simplified batch changes of health insurance policies. Using an efficient UI and smart database techniques, a small team of administrators can safely execute hundreds of thousands of insurance policy updates in a few hours. This digital healthcare solution is deployed by a major US health insurance company

#bigData #enterpriseSystem #healthcare

digital solution for healthcare

Agent-less Application Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring of mission-critical applications is a vital component for monitoring, diagnosing and resolving problems in complex enterprise applications. For a Czech startup, we designed and implemented a novel AI-based monitoring algorithm that does not require the installation of agents on the target machines. The performance monitoring software was successfully deployed to customers and then later acquired by a major APM company.

#bigData #enterprise #AI #machineLearning #startup #prototyping

performance monitoring software

Intelligent First Aid Assistant

Providing first aid is a complex and overwhelming task for those not trained in medical care. To help we created a prototype intelligent first aid assistant for a German automotive vendor which helped provide guidance on administering medical care, thus significantly increasing the speed and the direction of the care given. Following other digital healthcare solutions ententee has created, this system utilizes a novel UI, up-to-date rescue guidelines and latest in diagnostic devices to simplify the rescue process.

#digitalHealth #AI #startup #prototyping #automotive #virtualGuide #innovativeUI

digital solution in healthcare

Personal Museum Guide

Imagine an intelligent device which guides you through a museum like your best friend. Using our innovative software engineering abilities, we created a smart system for the museum of one of the world’s most successful automotive companies - a German multinational which uses personalised content and a non-intrusive user interface to improve which uses personalized content and a non-intrusive user interface to improve the museum’s visitor experience. The visitors are guided to exhibits according to their interests and provided with relevant content.

#AI #prototyping #VR #automotive #virtualGuide #innovativeUI

innovative software engineering abilities

Novel Entertainment for Shopping Malls.

We created an entertainment installation for Europe’s largest shopping mall operator. The platform offers several interactive games which utilize the latest innovations in human-computer interaction (HCI): virtual avatars, an instrumented environment, and gesture and movement recognition. Deployed across European shopping malls, we were awarded two prizes at the 2017 Computer Art Forum.

#innovativeUI #avatars #VR #retail

software development partner

Next-gen Swiss Hospital Information System (his)

A leading Swiss Hospital Information System vendor’s aim was to deliver the next generation of their platform to market. We provided interim management of the software development and the international development team. We implemented an intelligent software solution, containing several modules, and integrating the next-gen platform. Our efforts led to significant improvements in the software development and the result saw the new platform delivered to customers on time and on budget.

#healthcare #interimMgmt #EMR #enterpriseSystem #consulting

intelligent software solution

Patient Empowerment Application

We worked on a Post-Transplant Assistant mobile app for a Biotechnology Company in the United States. The app allows patients to manage their post-transplant needs - medication, blood pressure, steps, mood, and track fluids - all in the app. Work on this project scaled quickly - it started with a quick one-off app enhancement to ongoing development support to optimize existing features of the app and enhance them with new ones as per business needs. We adapted the existing code base quickly, replaced the previous team and are continuously improving the application in the long-term.

#Biotech #startup #mobileHealth #optimization

intelligent software solution

Post-Transplant Tests Management

We worked on a system for Post-Transplant Tests Management for a Biotechnology company in the United States. It enables the client’s healthcare organizations to place orders for tests, to receive and review results and to manage patients. We rebooted a failed project to deliver a new in-house enhanced platform and took over the majority of the critical roles in the project. In depth analysis with our partners to provide the platform on time and exactly how the business needed it.

#Biotech #startup #mobileHealth #optimization

intelligent software solution

Food-delivery Ecosystem Software

We developed a full ordering and logistics system for an online food-delivery company in the UK. An ecosystem handling public orders, offerings of restaurants, payment gateways, managing the delivery fleet, planning, and optimizing delivery, mobile application for drivers. We operated and supported the system while offering end-to-end software development. Our tailored solution enabled reflection of their dynamic growth demands plus increased the profitability significantly.

#logistics #startup #SystemOptimization

intelligent software solution

Driver Assistant for Eco-trains

As a software development company well experienced in the logistics sector we developed an advisory application for a leading Eco-locomotion operator in Germany, France, and Estonia, that model train’s driving characteristics, considers both static (terrain and rail profile) and dynamic conditions (weather, situation on the rail ahead) and constraints by security and timetable. A unique Digital Twin pilot project and optimization task, in the eco-tech and sustainability, end-to-end design, development and deployment of the whole application. Our system helps to optimize the battery consumption and recuperation to extend the life cycle of the train batteries.

#DigitalTwin #CleanTech #railtech #EnergyOptimization

intelligent software solution

Educational Courses Management System

As a healthcare software development company, situated in Prague, we have been working with one of the top Central-European Universities in the Czech Republic to devise a web and mobile platform for the management of postgraduate education courses for physicians. We were able to automate the manual work of the administrators and fully integrate it into the university’s systems as well as several state registers with a turnkey, end-to-end delivery, resulting in hundreds of physicians using the platform.

#EdTech #prototyping #connectivity #Automation

intelligent software solution