About Us

Ententee is innovative software
development company delivering
exceptional smart applications to
startups and innovative enterprises.

We are Ententee

We are a software engineering partner with excellent expertise in enterprise software development and solid background in AI research. We are long-term technology partner for startups and innovative enterprises in the US and across the EU.

We deliver success to companies in healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, retail and research for more than 15 years.

Our customers value us for our deep expertise, our innovative yet pragmatic approach, and our reliability. Our mission is to be a trustful and reliable technology partner who delivers exceptional smart solutions in highly efficient manner.


Why us?

  • Proven track of records delivering successful software solutions for international start-ups and major enterprise customers.
  • Deep insight in smart apps, digital health and innovative software development.
  • Highly pragmatic value driven development.
  • Problem solver mindset.
  • Excellent expertise in enterprise software development combined with solid research background in AI research and theoretical computer science.
  • More than 15 years of experience as a reliable remote development partner.

We closely cooperate with our
Alma Mater institutions:

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