Backend Developer (.Net/Java)

Hi, we are looking for a backend developer (ideally full-stack engineer who does not hesitate also frontend development) to join our team for an interesting innovative project in digital healthcare.

While I will continue to try to describe everything usual in the ad - about us, about the position and about our expectations from you, the most important message is this:

We like to ask for meaning and avoid pigeonholing - e.g. more important than the length of your knowledge and experience with specific technologies and frameworks (but those are definitely needed too! ) is that you have an open mind, know or at least actively seek out what you enjoy and find fulfilling, have a willingness to learn, like to see good work behind you that helps someone else, and all of this happened while you were making software. If you add to that a feel for how things look and how they're used, that's exactly it. We in turn offer interesting projects and applications, growth, a sense of purpose, freedom and fun. So if you feel like talking more about all that, let us know!

That's basically it - then the promised details and facts:

why ententee...

  • we are a medium-sized Czech Software Development Lab
  • we produce "software with smart essence" - see our website for examples of what we mean by that
  • clients are start-ups and innovative companies in the US, Germany, Switzerland, UK and here
  • we are good at healthcare, transportation & logistics, edu-tech, clean-tech, interactive media, AR/VR, automation, applied AI
  • we like to ask why rather and sooner than what and how
  • we operate very freely and virtually on the principles of mutual trust and accountability

why this job...

  • working on a project around innovative trends in medicine and healthcare
  • applications that make sense and serve people around the world
  • a team of former Computer Scientist and AI Scientists who are there to learn from every day
  • full-cycle agile development - from requirements analysis to operations and support
  • a lot of freedom to plan your own time - even when studying
  • work from home or from office according to your preferences and time availability
  • exposure to high-tech IT innovations such as AI, interactive media, large cloud systems, newest development tools et al.

why don't you...

  • you like to think and do software, you just enjoy both and you want to keep doing it
  • you have more than a year of development experience in .NET, (or Java if you want to skip it)
  • and if you also work with React.js (or Angular or ...) on the front-end, that's great, but not a requirement
  • and if you are experienced with cloud services like Azure and AWS, that’s a big plus
  • you're not just a coder waiting to be told exactly what to do
  • you have a basic understanding of computer science, networking & object oriented programming
  • it fits the principles of OOP design
  • you've encountered agile development
  • you are comfortable with English both written and spoken
  • you take a "learning-by-doing" approach and continuous learning
  • you value simplicity, elegance and creativity + like to see the results of your work at the same time

and a little more about our environment...

  • flexible time management (self-paced work mode)
  • virtual collaboration with colleagues from several countries
  • ... but also offices in the center of Prague (near the metro station Florenc), if you need
  • freedom instead of meal vouchers and informal atmosphere
  • open communication and arguments instead of hierarchy
  • personal growth by balancing challenges vs. productivity
  • regular edu sessions on topics chosen by the team

So, shall we talk?