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Selected Case Studies

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

CHALLENGE: Empowering physicians with longitudinal patient records within their EMR with all data from diverse healthcare systems.

SOLUTION: Our IHE-based platform enables robust, high-performance, and secure exchange of millions of patient records among diverse healthcare providers.

RESULT: The system is ranked among the best HIE platforms. Deployed by a major e-health vendor globally to hundreds of healthcare providers. Pioneering interoperability since 2005.

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Automated Railway Documentation Generation

CHALLENGE: Track chart drawings of the US railway network had to be drawn manually in CAD software. Such a task is labor-intensive and error-prone.

SOLUTION: Our system integrates data from various relation and GIS data sources, employs smart data post-processing, and leverages AI-based algorithms for a fully automated generation of the track chart drawings.

RESULT: Up-to-date track chart documentation of the whole US railway network is available in real-time while significantly saving manual labor of railway engineers and reducing the number of errors.

#logistics #AI #processAutomation #bigData

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Personalized Shopping With Virtual Avatars

CHALLENGE: Explore new possibilities for human-machine interaction in next-gen supermarkets as a research project partner of a leading supermarket chain.

SOLUTION: We implemented a demonstrator with virtual avatars in an instrumented supermarket with RFID-marked products, indoor navigation, and screens on shelves and shopping carts. The avatars navigate the buyer in the shop and provide personalized suggestions and information about the products.

RESULT: Initial results show less need for human assistants and a more enjoyable customer experience.

#innovativeUI #prototyping #retail #avatars #tutoring #VR #virtualGuide

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Health Insurance Policy Management

CHALLENGE: Making changes to health insurance policies was a time-consuming process demanding lots of manual labor.

SOLUTION: We designed and developed an enterprise application with an efficient UI and smart rule-based approach which automates batch changes of the health insurance policies.

RESULT: Thousands of insurance policies can be updated safely with minor manual labor in just a few hours.

#bigData #enterpriseSystem #healthcare

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Agent-less Application Performance Monitoring

CHALLENGE: Performance monitoring of mission-critical applications is a vital component for monitoring, diagnosing, and resolving problems in complex enterprise applications.

SOLUTION: We designed a novel AI-based algorithm that does not require the installation of agents on target machines to monitor the performance of mission-critical applications.

RESULT: The product was successfully deployed to first customers and later acquired by a major US APM networking vendor.

#bigData #enterprise #AI #machineLearning #startup #prototyping

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Intelligent First Aid Assistant

CHALLENGE: Providing first aid is a complex and overwhelming task for those not trained in urgent care.

SOLUTION: We designed and implemented a custom tablet device with a novel user interface, up-to-date rescue guidelines, and integration with diagnostic devices to simplify the overall first-aid process.

RESULT: The Intelligent Assistant is seamlessly integrated into the vehicles and increases the responsiveness and safety of the care given.

#digitalHealth #AI #startup #prototyping #automotive #virtualGuide #innovativeUI

digital solution in healthcare

Personal Museum Guide

CHALLENGE: “Guide me through the museum like your best friend would do.”

SOLUTION: We engineered a virtual museum guide that adapts to the needs of each visitor. The assistant continuously monitors the visitor’s interests, guides him to exhibits matching his preferences, and generates individualized content for each exhibit.

RESULT: The assistant gives the visitor a fully personalized museum experience and provides the museum with deep insights into the visitor’s behavior.

#AI #prototyping #VR #automotive #virtualGuide #innovativeUI

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Interactive Games with Avatars for Shopping Malls

CHALLENGE: Create a highly interactive entertainment scenario with life-size virtual avatars for children.

SOLUTION: We designed and implemented several interactive puzzle games that utilize the latest innovations in human-computer interaction: virtual avatars, gesture and movement recognition along with speech recognition and synthesis.

RESULT: Deployed to shopping malls across Europe. Awarded two prizes at Computer Art Forum 2017.

#innovativeUI #avatars #VR #retail

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Swiss Hospital Information System

CHALLENGE: Transform a legacy EMR system into a cutting-edge, next-generation hospital information system and deliver it to market.

SOLUTION: We engineered the integration of new and old modules, uplifted the user interface, created the migration tools, and provided interim management of the international development team.

RESULT: Our efforts led to significant improvements in the software development process and the new EMR platform was delivered to the first customers on time and on budget.

#healthcare #interimMgmt #EMR #enterpriseSystem #consulting

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Patient Empowerment Application

CHALLENGE: Guide post-transplant patients in their care and provide them with a close connection to the care professionals.

SOLUTION: The patient uses a mobile app to manage their post-transplant tests, medications, diet, activity, and mood. Clinicians review the collected data and adapt the treatment accordingly.

RESULT: Empower patients and clinicians in their care. Ententee took over the development from a foreign team and reworked the system into a stable, production-ready solution.

#Biotech #startup #mobileHealth #optimization

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Food-delivery Platform Automation

CHALLENGE: Optimize ordering and delivery system for online food delivery service.

SOLUTION: We redesigned and reimplemented an ecosystem handling food orders, offerings of restaurants, delivery fleet management, route planning, and a mobile application for drivers.

RESULT: Our tailored solution significantly automated the delivery process, increased delivery efficiency and reliability, improved customer experience, and enabled the startup to reflect its dynamic growth.

#logistics #startup #SystemOptimization

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Train Driving Assistant for Energy Optimization

CHALLENGE: Provide train driver and train energy management system with an optimal set of actions leading to minimal energy consumption while driving safely and on time.

SOLUTION: We designed a unique algorithm that combines data such as track properties, train physical characteristics, and timetable, in order to predict an energy-optimal driving course. Derived suggestions are provided to the driver and the train energy management.

RESULT: The system is used by several railway companies across Europe with savings of up to 8% of the fuel costs.

#DigitalTwin #CleanTech #railtech #EnergyOptimization

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Course Management System for Medical Schools

CHALLENGE: Paperless course certification of med-school graduates for their lifelong education.

SOLUTION: We created a system that digitalizes the post-gradual course management, automates the certification process, and integrates with the university and state registries.

RESULT: The online platform saves administration work for all involved parties, including physicians, professors, and university Staff. Deployed by all medical schools in the Czech Republic.

#EdTech #prototyping #connectivity #Automation

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